Please Help Goth Gal

This week a personal tragedy happened: my Wacom board of many years died. I now find myself in the position of no digital drawing tool, but still drawing stuff that needs to be done.

Goth Gal is great fun, but I do it all for free. So for the hours, weeks, and months of time I put in, I do not get much. I do get some money from some lovely patrons at patreon, but it is not enough to even cover the expenses of keeping up the website (I hate ads, you hate ads. I pay a premium to NOT have ads). I do NOT do this comic for money. I do this because I love doing it. I would still do it even if I never got a dime.
Unfortunately, it takes many dimes to buy a replacement drawing board. So, I am reaching out to you, the lovely internet community to see if you would be willing to donate to a good cause for some rewards you can’t get anywhere else. Here is the link to the GoFundMe campaign I have started:

And here are all the lovely rewards you can get:

(NOTE: All rewards below stack. If you donate $100 you get every reward up to that amount.)

For every donation of $1 or more, you get this month’s Goth Gal wallpaper (Gofundme won’t let me add this to rewards–just get me your email and I will get you your reward).

For every donation of 5$ or more I will give a copy of my kindle format (or pdf if you like) DRM free , high resolution Goth Gal Quarterly, Volume 2. This has not been released yet, but you can see Volume 1 at amazon here.

For every donation of $10 ore more, you get Goth Gal Quarterly, Volumes 1 and 2.

For every donation of $25 or more, you get all 3 Goth Gal Quarterly Volumes(volume 3 is in LIVING COLOR).

For every donation of $50 or more, you get a random digital sketch by me. You can even specify if you want a Goth Gal sketch or a random other sketch!

For every donation of $100, I will draw you in Goth Gal style with the new Wacom and send you the digital file in whatever image format you like.

Please consider helping me get a new Wacom. Anything you can give is appreciated.

Thank you for reading! ❤

2 thoughts on “Please Help Goth Gal

  1. ahh noooo!! A broken wacom!! I’ve gotten obsessed with mine now- I couldn’t do anything without it! Have you looked on craigslist for a used one? That’s where I got mine! Do you use a small one or large one? I was going to donate some but can’t get my card to work- can I paypal you $20 to help out?

    I was recently thinking about adding ads on my site- the idea of actually making money drawing and writing is so appealing, but also then I feel like a big jerk. Although I do really like the project wonderful ads b/c it lets smaller people buy ads directly on sites they like (I did a small ad buy on Hark I’m a Vagrant and it made me happy 🙂 ).

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