Falling Leaves

Hello dear readers! I hope you enjoyed Gothtober, I personally had a ton of fun with the series.

And yes, Goth Gal’s boss is still smashed…ah Mondays.

So, Today I have some news and updates for you:

First, I have completely changed the Goth Gal Patreon Page. Now you can support Goth Gal monthly for as little as 50 cents! There are a bunch of new rewards, new tiers and new Goth Gal swag–like high resolution comic pages, wallpapers, signed sketches, plush toys and weekly videos–so take a look if any of that interests you.

Second, this week the website will be under construction so you may see some dust or I may take a page down, but it will only be temporary and the main site is going to remain 100% active.

Third, Goth Gal Quarterly 2 will be here soon. It will be available on amazon in kindle format, just like Goth Gal Quarterly 1. It will contain the comics from the second quarter in high resolution for $2.99.

Finally, this week we are taking a small break from the regularly scheduled comic. Introducing: WALLPAPER WEEK!
Instead of releasing comics this week, I will be releasing an HD wallpaper for you to download completely 100% free.

So, basically just for coming to read the comic like you normally would, you get a wallpaper.

Good deal, right?

For Monday I present Falling Leaves (click to see the full version then save to download) :
Fall Wall

Thanks for reading and Goth On! ❤

4 thoughts on “Falling Leaves

  1. Ok 1) I’m so going to join patreon and be a supporter!!! Btw do you like using that? I was thinking about setting up an account, but just have been too overwhelmed with things to get done. 2) This is probably my favorite image of yours!!! Love the sun in the background!! and 3) I’ve been so so slow at drawing lately, I have a couple of posts I’m trying to finish up and then will finish the combo one of ours, sorry I’ve been so slow at that!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 1) Aww thanks! :3 I love patreon. I had one patron for a while then lost her then got another one–i.e. I am clearly not very good at the whole look at me marketing thing, haha. But I think it’s smooth! 2) Yay! I had a lot of fun making it and it was nice to play with a more complex background for a change. 😀 3) me too–thus wallpaper week 😛 No worries–whenever we get it out, it will rock! Also, might explode the universe…but then maybe the Doctor will show up, so it’s a win/win really.
      Keep making art! I needs those infinity posts! 🙂


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