GOTHTOBER Postponed Until Tomorrow

Today was supposed to begin the epic GOTHTOBER: a new Goth Gal take on some famous horror films.

We are sorry to inform you that this regularly scheduled Goth Gal is postponed until tomorrow, due to the fact that the author is in fact human. She will do her best to make the comic worth the wait!

Thank you for reading!


Goth On!

2 thoughts on “GOTHTOBER Postponed Until Tomorrow

  1. Love the first one! Are you doing horror films the whole way through? (Although you better not tempt me into getting back into horror films! My insomnia is bad enough as is, I don’t need serial killers and axe murderer shadows as well!) Also I loved the comic you sent over to me- definitely still want to do that, just seriously slackingggggggg b/c I am a lazy non-thinking blob of blahhhhhh right now!! Oh man if I do it this month we could make it scary/horror somehow… hmmmm….

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    • Hehe! I’m glad you like it! Yes they are all horror film based! Me tempt, why never! *hides red suit* I’ve been in the non-thinking blob stage before–take as much time as you need! 🙂 ❤


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